Everything you want in this life is possible. It's up to you to believe it. 


You're here. You're wondering if you're ready... I'm here to tell you,

The time is now.

By giving you the mindset, coaching, tools, environment, and community to break through the walls and ceilings you've created, it's time to take control of your life. When you master yourself, you master everything.



"My time working with Cody has dramatically improved how I show up in all areas of my life. I’m a better father. I’m better at co-parenting. I’m stronger, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have developed sustainable and intentional habits that serve my purpose to fully show up for myself and my family. This has truly been the most transformative 120 days of my life."



"I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that working with Cody has been one of the most fruitful, transformative, and effective times of my whole life.."



"I can say with the utmost confidence that, thanks to Cody, I NOW have the tools in my toolbox for success!

Coaching is there for those of us who are wanting to LEVEL UP our life. For those of us wanting MORE. For those of us no loner excepting the feeling of being stagnant!

Start walking towards those things that fear you the most versus pulling back from those thing sin life you fear! ETL is the pathway."

"Cody is a father, a son, an entrepreneur, and an elite athlete. As a successful and sought after coach, consultant, and communicator – Embrace The Lion was birthed out of the necessity of extreme ownership and desire to discover passion, purpose, and power. This isn't motivation. It's a way of life. Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today & Today he considered a thought leader in coaching and men’s development." -Entrepreneur.com