What could life look like in 3 months? 6 months?
While I can’t promise it will always be “nice,” I can tell that you will surpass every goal we set if you put the work in.

Think about it. Visualize it.

Hold that reality.


1:1 Coaching is an experience for those looking to step FULLY into their purpose, passions, and power. If accepted, you will embark on a journey of ownership and transformation that will change everything you thought you knew about what is possible for your life.

By focusing on the 4 Pillars of ETL, we are able to make radical shifts and changes in the ways you show up and engage this life. Your mindset will grow and expand. Your relationship with yourself and others will deepen, develop, and become healthier than you thought possible. Physically, I will demand you show up for yourself daily in fitness and diet. Together, we will structure powerful, transformative daily habits into your life, allowing you the freedom to live to the fullest of your potential.

Do you have dreams? Ambitions? Are you wanting to start a new venture or dive into a new professional path? We will chart out the WHY, HOW, and WHAT to get there, and our time together will push toward the passions of your heart.

Bottom line, there is no cookie-cutter for 1:1. I've coached people through loss, divorce, job change, physical transformation, spiritual expansion, professional diversification.... 1:1 clients have lost near 1,000 collected pounds. We've helped several entrepreneurs create 6 figure businesses, restored marriages and co-parenting relationships, restored relationships with children, stepped fully into their power, and so much more. I love what I do, and I stay in my lane. I do not promise to be nice. But I do promise to always show up, 100%, with my skillsets and insights to push you past the places you thought possible.

What are you waiting for? What could change with clarity, intentionality, strategy, and coaching? It's time to stop making excuses.



Time. Focused Time and Accountability

Quantifiable Metrics for Proven Results

Weekly Video Calls

Reading Assignments

Tailored Fitness & Nutrition

Growth and Wealth Mindset Implementation

Intentional Goal Setting In Every Area of Life

Dedicated Community Group




Coach / Entrepreneur


We were all meant to do more in life than just simply exist. We were meant to THRIVE. Not simply survive.

What Cody guided me towards was digging deep within to uncover a lot of dirt – to uncover what was holding me back. How to communicate effectively, How to open the door for other people, How to LEVEL UP.

Coaching is there for those of us who are wanting to LEVEL UP our life. For those of us wanting MORE. For those of us no longer excepting the feeling of being stagnant!

Start walking towards those things that fear you the most versus pulling back from those thing sin life you fear! ETL is the pathway.