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About Cody.....

Cody Jefferson is a father, son, entrepreneur, elite athlete, and the founder of Embrace The Lion, a container that holds customized experiences that through which clients activate and execute their purpose, passion, and power. He is a man who relentlessly believes in the untapped potential of the individual.

Cody has over 13 years in occupational leadership and team development. He has traveled the country speaking and leading tens of thousands of people in the areas of personal empowerment, team dynamics, the art of storytelling, the power of habits, how to structure downlines, and how to achieve massive success in life.

He is a coach and consultant. 

He is a dynamic storyteller.

He is a partner in a supplement company. 

He owns a design and social media management company.

He is a brand expert. 

He is a personal trainer.

He is on the board of the Oklahoma Tattoo Convention. 

He is a licensed barber, auto tech, and motorcycle mechanic. 

He also talks about himself in the third person for dramatic affect, as you're reading now... 

Here's the deal:

The greatest success of my life was taking control of it.

My greatest achievement is creating a life that allows me to be fully present and fully active as a man, father, partner, coach and friend.

Over the past 2 years, I've built three 6-figure businesses and helps others to do the same. 

I coach hundreds in the network marketing industry on niche definition, branding, storytelling, and duplication. We are redefining what's possible in MLMs.

I've help a collection of empowered individuals to lose a combined total of over 2000 lbs. 

I've seen countless marriages restored. 

I've seen addictions broken and new, POWERFUL habits introduced to radically change the direction of life. 

I love what I do and I'm GOOD at it. I stay in my lane and don't pretend to be someone or something that I'm not. I define success on MY terms and push you to define it on YOUR terms. 


We focus on 4 pillars: HEAD, HEART, HEALTH, and HABITS.

HEAD: Your mindset. It starts HERE. What you believe to be true FOR you, BY you, and THROUGH you in EVERY area of life. 

HEART: Your relationship to your SELF, OTHERS, and your SOURCE (Spirituality)

HEALTH: Your body. You have ONE vessel to change the world in. 

HABITS: The cornerstone of everything. Your HABITS will show your mindset far more than your words. SUCCESS is found in POWERFUL HABITS.

We are an elite community that empower individuals to step fully into their truest and most powerful self. 

When we step into our power, everything changes.

I believe in you. I am for you. Your best days are in front of you.