Embrace The Lion was formed out of necessity. When you hit your own rock bottom and find yourself in your own hell, you get it. Something has to change. That "something" is you.

The ETL approach is a bit different from other coaches, mentors, gurus, or life-hack evangelists promising a full life and riches within 30 days for simply investing in a program. That is the approach of some, but you will not find any "quick fixes" here. The ETL Approach is as fundamental as it gets, combining intense ownership and accountability with powerful, lifechanging daily habits.

ETL is a catalyst for change. You aren't broken, but your beliefs, thoughts, and actions likely are and only you can take the first step. Our goal is to facilitate and nurture that change. Every aspect of your life requires the best version of you...if you intend to stop playing small.

You may be facing an impossible decision, or simply stuck and don't recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror. There are many circumstances and reasons for coming to a place of being "done" with living in a stalemate.

Below are few reasons why people have looked to ETL for coaching, mentorship, and consulting to breakthrough.

Separation / Divorce

A failed or failing marriage can be the most traumatic event in one's life. The rift in life can swallow you if you don't have a support system. We've helped repair relationships and we've helped many take ownership of their new state in life and thrive. It is never too late to own where you are.

Failing Relationship

At some point every relationship, no matter how strong, one or both parties lose touch. If there isn't a concerted effort to address stagnation and divisions further damage will occur. ETL can be the perspective and accountibility needed to turn the page on your relationship.

Stalled Career / Business

Careers and occupations tend to define who we are. Instead of the passions, beliefs, and convictions born of our natural gifts that form thriving careers and businesses. Stop settling and/or hesitating to take that leap of faith. ETL can help you rediscover your gifts.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

One of our favorite things is to help entrepreneurs gain clarity, focus, systems, and success in launching their dreams into market. Whatever your product, service, or offer is, ETL will come alongside you, where you are, to push you to where you dream of going. We currently coach several multi-6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs in scaling, duplication, and diversification. We also coach several entrepreneurs in the very early stages of development. We love entrepreneurism and we love seeing people realize their dreams through massive value propositions.

Poor Health & Self-Esteem

Physical health and well-being is most often the catalyst needed to change the course your life is on. It doesn't matter if poor habits and choices have resulted in medical problems, or if you've plateaud and not seeing results wanted. ETL coaches can evaluate activities and diets and construct routines and habits suited for you.

Life Imbalance

Life doesn't slow down as we get older. There only seem to be more responsibilies and obligations added as we progress. If the weight has become too heavy and is damaging self-worth and relationships with children, family, and friends it's time to change course. It may seem impossible, but change is in reach. ETL is here for you.





4 Pillars of ETL

ETL stands on 4 Pillars: Head, Heart, Health, Habits. As you read more about each below, understand that these pillars, individually, are non-negotiable in our time working together. What's the point of financial success if your family is falling apart. If you are not showing up, physically, and in control of your body and physical habits, what are you ACTUALLY in control of? ETL exists to bring CLARITY, BALANCE, and POWER to EVERY AREA of your life, personally and professionally.



What is perceived as "true" and "untrue" shapes every aspect of life. Especially boundaries and limitations. Shape your mindset around your unlimited potential.


Your relationships with others are mirrors of your relationship with Self. Begin with how you care for yourself in order to build anything of true worth and longevity.


Your body is the vessel. Limitations on ability often stem from neglecting the body. Taking care of your body with intention in order to have the stamina to show up.


The cornerstone to changing Head, Heart, and Health. Actions and implimentations are what get you through the impossible. Everything is waiting for you.