Are you ready to take your BeachBody Business to the NEXT LEVEL?

We are going to REDEFINE everything you thought possible for your life in 6 weeks.

This isn't simply a course to take your business back... I want you to passionately take your LIFE back and step into POWER.


This is a business.

Not a side hustle. 

This is your business. Either you are all in or you're not because there is no "side hustle" to lifestyle, fitness, and business. Sorry, there's not. I don't need you to make this a full-time job, but I want you to make this a full-time commitment.

So let's create real clarity, strategies, systems, and downlines that perform. With these strategies and systems you can expect increases in results, in income, and predictability.

You don't need all the people. You need the right people. And you need the tools and mindset to show up more powerfully than ever.


We are no longer playing small, we are stepping into our HIGHEST potential as entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and experts.

The time is now. You owe it to yourself, your business, and your team to put a strategic plan into action. I've done the hard work building the strategies and systems. I know it works.

After creating several FOCUS courses and experiences, I can say with CLARITY and POWER that this Focus will redefine everything. As I continue to coach many of your Million Club Coaches on a 1:1 level, hearing the strategies that HAVE WORKED, are STILL WORKING, and what WON'T WORK..... and as I have expanded the opportunities for my own growth and development with some of the top business and mindset coaches in the nation, I have been working with EXTREME INTENTIONALITY to bring an entirely UPGRADED PACKAGE to YOU. I want to give you EVERY TOOL you need, with FULL FREEDOM TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS WITH POWER, CLARITY, and AUTHENTICITY.



Unlike anything you've been a part of.



  • Weekly LIVE Zoom 60-90 min coaching calls 
  • Weekly strategic calls-to-action
  • Weekly homework
  • Daily action checklists
  • More resources than you will utilize
  • Permission to do things YOUR way
  • FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the ETL MASTERMIND, an ELITE COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs, executives, 6/7 figure earners, and other badasses like YOU
  • Daily exercises (copy, closing, duplication, etc)
  • Product Education (because Volume matters more than those points you're chasing)
  • A kick-ass community of other highly-motivated, action-driven coaches like YOU
  • Hyper accountability. This experience isn't a "side hustle." 


  • WEEK 1: Clarity, Mission, and Voice: Finding Yours and Pushing into POWER

  • WEEK 2: Avatar Definition: Fans vs Players and Why You NEED BOTH

  • WEEK 3: Copy That Converts: The Art of StoryTelling

  • WEEK 4: Cultivating Trust and Closing Sales

  • WEEK 5: Strategic Growth: Developing the Systems for Success and Scaling 

  • WEEK 6: Duplication: Creating a Loyal Tribe of Thriving Coaches

This experience for ANY Beachbody team/downline, which DOES NOT include the EXCLUSIVE content and resources available to you, is normally $997/coach. No bullshit, that's the normal required investment for EACH coach interested.


As if that is not enough, you will also get FULL ACCESS to a 90-minute Live Call with me detailing all of the content in the consistently sold-out "Mindset Reset" Course. The downloads will also be available in the group. This course has an enrollment fee of $497/person. You get FULL ACCESS to content for enrolling in FOCUS. We will walk through our belief systems: What beliefs are, how to eliminate limiting beliefs while developing a growth mindset, how to harness and operate in a wealth mindset, and how to show up as the most powerful version of our True Self.

You'll also get exclusive access to a weekly Q&A sessions covering strategy, clarity, implementation, and systems.

We will take as much time as needed to answer every question you have regarding your business and your mindset. With 1:1 Coaching with me being $2850/month, this is an invaluable time where we give YOU space to ask and get clear answers.

Because you are going to need ongoing support past a 6-Week Group, you'll be added to the Elite ETL Mastermind Closed Group for LIFE.

This group, which was originally meant to be a scaled, subscription-based community, has developed into a hub for you. FOR FREE! Just for investing in this opportunity. Continuing weekly live calls and Q&A regarding your HEAD, HEART, HEALTH, HABITS and of course your business.

Why did I do this?

To show you what it is to be an ACTUAL COACH, not just some bullshit motivator that takes your cash and continues to optimize you for more offers. Your coaches opt-in with you ONE TIME and have support as long as they're a part of your community and team. I want to offer you the same. My way of leading you through example as you lead others.

The investment for FOCUS is ONLY $247

FOCUS begins February 26th. Registration ENDS on Wednesday, February 28th. Get in.



This is the most comprehensive, down-to-earth training I've ever done. Cody keeps it real, and gave me REAL strategies to implement with my business. At a time when I needed to hear the real truth, no BS, and become more accountable with what kind of leader I am, Cody delivered. Thank you for your insights, Cody. SO excited to see you in February!

-Bree Klaas

I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to work with Cody. I can tell you that he is raw, intense, inspirational and so incredibly humble at the same time! Not only did he do what he said he was going to do but he has far exceeding my expectations! He is showing me and working with me every step of the way to help me succeed and teach me the tools I need to exceed in my business!

-Angie Flippo-Gustafson

The first time I heard Cody speak, I knew he was "my people" within the first couple of minutes. He spoke my language and had my attention the entire call. I immediately joined his six week focus group and was not disappointed. I found confidence I didn't realize I'd lost and learned to share my story without feeling vulnerable or weak. I found my power. Cody is real. He's RAW. He will help you become a better version of yourself! Don't wait, get in one of his trainings as soon as you can!

-Heather Perkins

If you are looking for a person that is REAL to help you grow your business, Cody is it. He gives you the truth. He gives you the raw, real him. He helps you find YOU and your outlook of life. Cody has helped me change the way I look at my business. Cody will help you get confident of yourself. He has helped me find ways to tell my story. Be sure to show up with him and change your life and business. Don't hesitate, just do it!!

-Lisa Marie Gradus

It's so empowering when a passion and a love for life collide - I have never felt more confident about myself or my business since starting this focus group with Cody! This was hands down the best investment that I have EVER made in myself. Cody has forever changed my outlook on life and the way that I will show up living it. I've seen a distinct change in my attitude, and that's because Cody has helped me understand that the greatest success that I will ever know is by stepping into MY purpose, passion and power!

-Alison Gannon

Self reflection is needed in order to grow. And if you're looking to grow a business and lack direction and uncertain is how you're feeling, I would highly suggest ETL! No sugar coating going on. This is the real deal! Become that badass you know you are through the implementation of this training. I am.

-Tricia Kane Palmer