"I'm not 'nice' in regards to your excuses. 'Nice' doesn't move anyone forward. It allows you to live in your apathy.

How's that been working for you?"

Cody has over 13 years in occupational leadership and team development. He has traveled the country speaking and leading tens of thousands of people in the areas of personal empowerment, ditching a victim narrative, team dynamics, physical fitness, relational health, the art of storytelling, the power of habits, how to structure downlines, and how to achieve massive success in life through the most extreme of ownership.

The greatest success of my life was taking control of it.

My greatest achievement is creating a life that allows me to be fully present and fully active as a man, father, partner, coach, communicator, business consulatant, investor, and friend, and I relentlessly push others to do the same.

Have you misplaced your power? Do you have a passion on the inside that is bursting at the seams to break through and break out?

You're done making excuses. You're done being weak. You're done playing small... You're ready to take your life back. You're ready to get your family back. Your body back. Your bank account back.

I get it. This is why Embrace The Lion exists.

This is not easy. This is not nice. This is not a place for your bullshit. If you're ready to level up, lose the excuses, and step into power you didn't know existed, let's talk.

Let me know if you're ready to step into your passion, purpose, and power.