Throughout my professional career, my WHY has never changed:

I believe in YOU. I believe, relentlessly, in your untapped potential. I believe that the greatest roadblock from where you are to where you want to go.... is your current belief about what is possible. Let's change that.

Cody has over 13 years in occupational leadership and team development. He has traveled the country speaking and leading tens of thousands of people in the areas of personal empowerment, ditching a victim narrative, team dynamics, physical fitness, relational health, the art of storytelling, the power of habits, how to structure downlines, and how to achieve massive success in life through the most extreme of ownership.

The greatest success of my life was taking control of it.

My greatest achievement is creating a life that allows me to be fully present and fully active as a man, father, partner, coach, communicator, business consulatant, investor, and friend while I relentlessly push others to do the same.

You feel lost, Like you're playing a game of hide & seek that's turned into a nightmare of never being found.

You feel alone and isolated, Like you're never going to be able to trust anyone or anything and the deafening silence of your own solitude is too much.

You feel like giving up, Like the world might be better if you weren't here and "who would even notice?”

You look over insurance policies and make plans, romanticizing who would “actually come to the funeral” and what your family could do with the resources the insurance payout would provide.

You spend sleepless nights in tears, trying to write letters but never making it through the spelling of your child’s name. You stare at your self in the mirror, countless times, pressing cold steel to your temple and reciting just how better off everyone would be. You hate yourself for where you are, caught between wanting help, not knowing how you got here, and too depressed to see a way out.

You distance yourself. You isolate yourself. You live in a world of gray, desperate to see color again.

It's all pride... whether we realize it or not.... and that pride is gin-soaked in fear.

The drinking and self-medicating increases, as you try to numb the feelings or worse…. try to get intoxicated enough to finish the job.

Distracted. Overworked. Overstressed. Isolated. Unrealistic expectations…..

It would just be “easier” if……….


You’ve got to get out of your own head, brother.

You matter. Your life matters. You have been created with purpose and you have to hold on to that TRUTH.

I get it. I do. I get being done.

I’ve been down that road. I’ve medicated. I’ve wished for the courage to end it…..

I get you've been told to "pray more" and to "get over it" and to "think happy" and just "be happy."

And I know you want to be, desperately. And I also know you can't help this and wouldn't choose it for anything.

You are not alone. If we know anything, it's the the MAJORITY of men are SUFFERING.

You're done making excuses. You're done playing weak. You're done playing small... You're ready to take your life back. You're ready to get your family back. Your body back. Your bank account back.

I get it. This is why Embrace The Lion exists.

This is not easy. This is not sugar-coated. This is not a place for half in-half out. If you're ready to level up, lose the excuses, and step into power you didn't know existed, let's talk.

This isn’t a conversation of “man up” or “get your shit together.”

This is a conversation of rebirth, and I can tell you that on the other side of all this pain…

Is the life and power you never knew could exist for you.

It's time we had a long overdue conversation.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. What do you want?