An Invitation Into a Immersive Experience of Expansion.

Brother, you have been selected for invitation into a year-long collective I am calling, “Elite.” You have been chosen and sent this link because I know you and what I see as next in your journey and life…. and I want in. I want to assist you in the next steps of your journey, and I want you to have every tool you need to exceed even your own expectations of what is possible.

I have assembled a small handful of men to run this race together, all from different walks of life but committed to the same core values of excellence. As we’ve worked together this year, it is clear to me that deep brotherhood and community is lacking in your life, as well as deep accountability and fraternity within such relationships. So I am inviting you into the inner circle.

Coaching. Accountability. Fraternity. Growth.

Our focus is simple: to become the best man, individually, and the best men, collectively, possible.

This will not be a group of 15-20 men. This is an invitation going out to 7 men. You are one of them.

Our mission: Personal Growth. Financial Expansion. Social Influence. Philanthropic Endeavors. Physical Dominance.

We will have WEEKLY Coaching and Accountability calls, as well as the personal numbers of one another. Again, you have been selected because of what YOU bring to the table and what others will bring to yours. This is an IRON SHARPENING IRON endeavor.

Time Sensitive Competition

Unparalleled Accountability

Weekly Video Calls

Monthly Reading

Tailored Fitness & Nutrition

Bi-Yearly Retreats

Refined Targeting of Life and Mission

Dedicated Text Group

Throughout this year, we will have 2 Retreats: One in Dallas and One in Las Vegas. At these retreats, we will fraternal but tactical. The mission at the first of the year is to get CLEAR on WHO we are, WHAT we want, and then to dissect HOW it will happen.

Our second retreat will be the same, mid-way through the year, to celebrate where we are, where we are going, and HOW we will make it happen.

You understand the value of coaching and of our relationship, so this isn’s a sell. I invited you into this opportunity because you need it. As your coach, I invited you into this opportunity to expand and to utilize your skillsets to help the others in this opportunity to expand.

My GOALS for this coming year, for myself and for you:

Double Income. Create MORE time. Create an opportunity of PURPOSE to align my business, self, and family with. Create the best body of my life.

You will be introduced to my network, who I will periodically bring in, as it makes sense, to assist us in taking our endeavors to the next level.

Gentlemen, it is time to take your game to the next level, and I am here to help you do just that.

This isn’t a question of “are you in?”

This is a question of… why in the hell would you not be.

Let’s do this.