What in you needs to die to allow you to become great?

December 26th

January 8th

It's time to change and take control. You get to define what's possible for you, and we're going to make damn sure you stick to your word. It's time to get to work. It's time to be the man you said you'd be.

I knew that if I was going to be the man I said I'd be and the man I knew I was called to be, everything had to change. And with one decision, everything changed.

So what was the catalyst to the needed change?

I was playing small. I was weak. I was a "yes" man. I put affirmation ahead of myself and my family... Couple that with a serious of unrelated tragedies and circumstances: I became a single parent, buried 9 family members and friends, walked away from a 12 year career, and found myself dying in a hospital bed – septic and in complete adrenal/hormonal shutdown due to stress and anxiety. Something.... everything needed to change. You get it.

So I got honest. I got accountable. I got focused.

Over the past 2 years, I fought back; stacking on 30lbs of muscle and becaming a warrior. I redefined who I am, what I stand for, and the man I will become. By honing skillsets and leveling up with the right people, I shaped my career around my passions. 4 successful businesses later and it's just the beginning. I confronted every demon and limiting belief in my life and cut them out at the root. I became 100% debt free and found love again.

Now I'm in a place to show up powerfully as a man, and the call on my life is to help other men reclaim their purpose, passion, and power.

This will NOT be easy. This will take hard work and you'll be forced to take ownership. And I will NOT be nice. "Nice" allowed me to hide, play it safe, and refused to confront my weaknesses and lack of priority.

That said, I will be walking alongside you every step of the way along with a powerful band of brothers on a similar journey – pushing you and equipping you to show up as your most POWERFUL self.

There is a lion inside you and you're settling for a house cat.

I'm here to rattle the cage and give you the keys. It's up to you to let yourself out.


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Today is the day you look in the mirror and say...

I stopped running.
I stopped hiding.
I stopped lying to myself.
I stopped making excuses.
I stopped ________.

It's your journey. You fill in the blank.

3 years.jpg

Nothing Changes,
If Nothing Changes.

On the left, I'm weak. I'm pushing myself through classes and courses to prove that I have the credentials and paper to "belong" in a community as a leader. I'm dressing the part because I didn't know who I was, what I wanted, or where life was going. I was lost. I was a victim. I blamed. I was Depressed. Anxious. Drinking. A week after this photo was taken, an ambulance would be called to our home because I was convulsing on a bathroom floor.

I wasn't TRYING to be this way. I wasn't TRYING to hide. I wasn't TRYING to put everyone and everything before my family. I wasn't TRYING to self-sabotage. The pressure I put on myself to perform and nurture and "show up" for everyone, 24/7, left me anxious at night and needing something to put my mind at ease. The problem? Just like with anything... It's easier to get a bit out of control than to stay in control.

You get it. Of course you get it.
You're here.

I was lying. 
I was lying to you. 
I was lying to myself.

Let's fast forward...

On the right, a man who knows who he is and could care less if you approve. I understand my business is just that, mine. The guy on the left died 2 years ago. I buried him and over those two years, I pushed through my own personal hell to come out the other side: stronger, focused, and successful. Now it's your turn... And I'm going to give you every tool, resource, accountable relationship, and the environment needed to take your life back.

You're ready. It's time. 
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