Physical Health : You have one vessel through which you will change the world. It must be taken care of.

We will focus on powerful daily habits in the areas of nutrition, physical exercise, self-care, and stress management to push your body to sustainable health.

I am not interested in crash diets or pushing your body to unhealthy levels of physical stress. What I AM interested in is you taking your physical health seriously. I am not interested in excuses. You will work out. You will sweat. You will drink water. You will learn how to count calories and macros because your body deserves to be taken care of. Every. Single. Day.

“But, what if I just want a specific area of coaching…like business?” Then go hire a business coach who doesn’t give a shit about how you show up for yourself, your body, or your family. I care more about those things than I do your immediate financial gain. I DO care about that as well, but if you can’t show up for yourself and take your health seriously, we are going to have a near impossible relationship. I take your health that seriously.