Do you have what it takes to have everything you want?


Yes, you do. But you have to choose it. Start confronting your own self-imposed limitations. Get clear. Get honest. Get to creating.


Embrace The Lion believes relentlessly in the untapped potential of the individual.

The potential of you.

This is why ETL exists. By giving you the mindset, coaching, tools, environment, and community to break through the walls and ceilings you've created. You step into control of your life. When you master yourself everything else is easy.



"Finding my true why took me getting really honest and raw. That was the first thing Cody required of me. And I found it."



"Nobody likes admitting they aren't where they want to be. And have no clue how to get there. But it's worth it for damn sure."



"Start walking towards those things that fear you the most versus pulling back from those thing sin life you fear! ETL is the pathway."

Cody Jefferson is a father, a son, an entrepreneur, and an elite athlete. Believing relentlessly in the untapped potential of the individual – Embrace The Lion was birthed out of the necessity of extreme ownership and desire to discover your power. This isn't motivation. It's a way of life.