Your Life Can Be Different

“This is as good as it gets.”

“This is who I’ve always been.”

“This is what I deserve.”

“Good things just don’t happen to me.”

“My parent was this way, it’s in my blood.”

Life CAN be different, and it starts with believing in the possibility of change.

We despise change, as our brain LOVES the familiarly of a good pattern. 
Good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy. 
Doesn’t matter.... it just loves familiarity.

It’s up to you to decide.

You can choose to focus on the RESULTS of your REBIRTH.

Or... the RESULTS of all the REASONS you’ll never change.

Either way, you’ll have exactly what you believe is possible.

What do you believe is possible for yourself? I’d like to know below, so I can stand with you and declare it.