10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Strong Single Mom

1. She doesn’t need you. 
This is going to hurt your frail ego. If you’re the kind of guy that needs the validation of a girl with daddy issues, look elsewhere. She will crush you. 

2. She doesn’t give a shit about your game.
Yeah, it works in the club and for hooking up with one night stands, but make no mistake... shes going to size you up quickly (see #1 for reference). If you’re committed to being a boy, don’t step into a ring where being a man is required. You’ll get KO’ed first round. 

3. She’s going to hold you accountable. 
Man, you’re going to hate this. She’s going to remind you, every day, of the man you said you’d be.. better you just stick to posting shirtless selfies on Facebook and making those posts about “how you’re going to treat a woman.” Way less accountability and way more likes. 

4. She’s going to outshine you.
Listen, I get it: you’re the man. Don’t let anyone steal your shine. The type of woman I’m talking about will command the attention of a room, which will crush your ego. She’s a strong, independent leader who can do everything you do while simultaneously doing 5 others things..... ok, more like 10 other things. 

5. She’s way too supportive.
Again, see #3. Unless you want to be constantly annoyed by her relentless belief in you, steer clear. Bro, I hear you: you stopped dating cheerleaders in high school. The only support you need is a spot at the gym. Hell yeah. 

6. She’s going to demand respect. 
Yes, I’m serious. Respect is EARNED, I hear you. Yet here she is, confident as hell and knowing her worth because again, see #1. Can you imagine? 

7. Her kids will want to hang out with you. 
Yeah, man. Forget beer with the boys, singing Freebird while you make America great again. No sir, you’ve now got kids that love you, respect you, and want to learn from you. Might as well forget Fantasy Football, you just signed your dumb ass up for little league. 

8. She doesn’t want your money, just your time.
This plays right into #7. No throwing gifts at her thinking that will cut it. No sir. Not here. She makes her own money and can take care of herself. She has a vision for her own life and you damn sure aren’t going to stop her. She wants emotional intimacy... yeah, I said it. She’s going to want deep conversations, romance, and (it needs to be said) a lot of love making... and you’re going to have to make is passionate and take your time. 

9. She’s going to want to make your life some wild ass adventure. 
Yeah man, I just need to let you know. She’s been alone, creating a life that’s devoted to raising tiny humans. Now you’re in the picture, and she thinks you can both conquer the world. Let’s be honest, we both know you’re a bit of a disappointment, so walk away now.

10. She’s going to be loyal through all of your ups and downs.
Should you make it through the first 9, you’ll come to understand that these are the reasons that a strong single mom will be the greatest partner and friend in life that you could imagine. 

You can’t be weak.
You can’t be a bitch.
You can’t be a yes man.
You can’t be afraid of commitment.
You can’t be unsure.

She will eat you alive and spit out your pathetic excuse for masculinity. 

But, should you be a man WORTHY of her company, you will be graced with a queen and you will both reign over your castle. 

She will honor who you are.
She will respect who you’re becoming.
She will follow your lead.
She will trust your vision.

How do I know? 

I’m the man that married the Queen of all queens, so you’d do well to listen to the King.