With Success Comes Personal Responsibility

"Bro, I'm just..... tired. I'm alone. This isn't what I thought it would be."

Voice quivering, there was a tension in his statement.. caught between the space of wanting to break down and reminding himself that "men don't cry."

"You're safe. I know what you're feeling and I need you to know you're safe."


Everyone is desperate to answer the MONEY questions...

HOW do I make more money?
I just need more money. 
HOW do I hit the numbers?

Here's what I know:

Money will, in fact, solve most of your problems.

Money can, in fact, buy happiness... if freedom and generosity make you happy.

Money will, every time, answer a very particular set of questions.

Then what?

You will be confronted with an entirely new and different set of questions....

Because what you were taught no longer holds water:

Money isn't scarce. 
You don't have to worry about money any more. 
You no longer need to be afraid of that which you thought you did.

But it will uncover a deeper set of questions and confrontations that money just does not answer of resolve.

It will uncover what you truly believe about yourself.

Don't spend your life so focused on answering the first set of questions that you sacrifice your soul and everything/everyone you love to answer the second.