"Every life experience has brought you to this place. You don't need a re-write, you just need to turn the page."

Kala is an empowerment specialist. She brings unique skillsets of unparalleled balance in parenting, professional work, personal development, relationship with a die-hard entrepreneur, and fitness to empower badass moms who make no excuses and who refuse to live a life of apathy or victimization.

Kala is focused on creating a movement for busy mothers, with a special place in her heart for single moms of special needs kiddos, determined to not settle.

Overcoming cervical cancer and a heart condition – Kala began her fitness and healthy lifestyle journey to take full advantage of a renewed sense of self-awaredness. Eating clean and staying active were not just hobbies, they became a way of life. Through dedication and consistency Kala reached the professional level of body building in the bikini division. Because of experience, application, and results Kala is motivated to show woman of every demographic and circumstance that anything is achievable.

Being a mother of two brilliant little girls; Aubrey and Emie, and bringing over a decade of experience in healthcare field, her fulfillment is in helping people in any way that she can. Kala's oldest daughter, Aubrey, has Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s Syndrome, and a seizure disorder. As Aubrey faces many challenges daily, Kala’s WHY is to show Aubrey, Aubrey's younger sister Emie and women/girls everywhere that with the right tools and attitude their potential is limitless.

Her relentles drive and positivity, fueled by her compassion for her children and helping people are the very things she brings to her mission of helping empower women to step into their fullest selves.

She does this through 1:1 and Group Coaching experiences, as well as custom meal plans and workout splits for the busy mom!

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Nothing is out of reach.

You're situation is not impossible. You've always had it in you to conquer anything holding you back. Please reach out and let's start your new journey today.