Embrace the Lion Founder, Cody Jefferson, says his life was turned upside down when his personal life began to crumble. It wasn't until he started taking ?extreme ownership? over his life that he transformed from a meek house cat to a mighty lion. Cody reveals daily habits to build a better body, relationship, and business. Discover your untapped potential, listen now.

It is time to take control of your life and stop letting your past, your fears and the unknown stop you. While it is easy to say that we need to make these changes, sometimes we need a little help. We chat with Dom Faussette of Think React Lead about his coaching program that is designed to help veterans integrate back into the civilian workforce. Then, we talk with Cody Jefferson of Embrace the Lion about his program to help powerful men find a purposeful path. Next, Kevin McMillen of RyanTech tells us that they can help your business build the perfect app and launch it right away. At the end of the hour, Tommy Baker of the Resist Average Academy podcast discusses his inspirational show that can help empower entrepreneurs. There are great minds out there that can make you a better leader. Listen now.


Underdog Empowerment Podcast

Cody Jefferson has been named a leading voice for mens coaching by and has a wealth of knowledge on how to market yourself online.

In this interview, Cody shares what it takes to start and run a successful business as well as what you need to do to market yourself so that you can break past all of the white noise on the internet.


Create the Movement Podcast

In this interview, Cody speaks with Brad Post about the conception of Embrace the Lion, and the call of all men to become who they were created to be... They also dive into entrepreneurship, balance, and branding strategy to differentiate yourself in the market.


Anatomy of Marriage Podcast

Melanie and Seth are talking all about the tool of Self Awareness with amazing guests Cody JeffersonRyan Michler, and Dr. Gail Saltz. Together they talk through the issues that can arise when we do not know yourselves deeply and authentically.


Sick Biz Podcast

Cody Jefferson of Embrace the Lion is the first lion in the Sick Biz Buzz studio! He will tell you what it means to be a lion and how to get off your but–your B-U-T. Pour another cuppa and get ready to discover your truth as Cody shares his. You can use your pain as a catalyst to push you forward into your power.

Talk about going deep…this man and former pastor is fathomless! You can defy odds every single day. You can’t quantify your potential when your mindset informs everything.


Art of Winning Show

An incredibly insightful interview with Cody Jefferson, founder of Embrace the Lion and several other companies, focused on HOW to move past pain and INTO power.