Meltdown In The Desert

What is the Meltdown in the Desert Series?

Imagine if you took Tony Robbins & Gary Vaynerchuk and tossed them in a blender. Out would pour a tall glass of awesomeness that blows your face off at the core. You get life tools and marketing wisdom that will shape you beyond anything you have experienced in a conference to date. This is our promise and guarantee. 

On the outside we bring together some of the worlds top industry experts to speak on topics related to business, social media and branding. What actually happens is a life changing experience that leaves attendees with more than they ever expected.

This years theme is LEGACY.

Why do you get up every day?

What is the impact you are making on this world through your business and personal imprint? 

We will discuss the tools, processes, strategies and tactics you need to implement in order to leave your legacy for today and years to come. Yes, there will be marketing, social media, tools, business and workshops along side compelling keynotes and special features.

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