ETL stands on 4 Pillars: Head, Heart, Health, and Habits.

Understand that these pillars, individually, are non-negotiable in our time working together. What's the point of financial success if your family is falling apart? If you are not showing up physically and in control of your body and habits, what are you actually in control of? ETL exists to bring CLARITY, BALANCE, and POWER to every area of your life.

Relationships : The ways in which we interact with our Self, with Others, and with our Source. 

Healthy relationships with people, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs start with a healthy relationship to your Self. You cannot have a healthy balance, relationally, by putting your emotional/physical/spiritual Self care on the back-burner.

We will focus on powerful daily HABITS that will force you to put your Self first. Through this, you will show up in a more focused, appropriate, and transformational way in your professional, personal, familial, and intimate relationships.

We will work through limiting beliefs in the areas of your past relationships, addressing what is yours to own and what is not. While painful, we rip the bandaid off of your excuses and push, together, to find your inner worthiness of love, devotion, and affection.





Physical Health : You have one vessel through which you will change the world. It must be taken care of.

We will focus on powerful daily habits in the areas of nutrition, physical exercise, self-care, and stress management to push your body to sustainable health.

I am not interested in crash diets or pushing your body to unhealthy levels of physical stress. What I AM interested in is you taking your physical health seriously. I am not interested in excuses. You will work out. You will sweat. You will drink water. You will learn how to count calories and macros because your body deserves to be taken care of. Every. Single. Day.

“But, what if I just want a specific area of coaching…like business?” Then go hire a business coach who doesn’t give a shit about how you show up for yourself, your body, or your family. I care more about those things than I do your immediate financial gain. I DO care about that as well, but if you can’t show up for yourself and take your health seriously, we are going to have a near impossible relationship. I take your health that seriously.

Habits : The cornerstone of ETL. Your daily habits will determine the trajectory of your life in every area. 

During our time together, we will implement several DAILY habits that will ensure your success in personal development, physical health, relational health, spiritual health, financial success, clarity and momentum in business, and being an all around bad ass.

You show me your habits, I will show you what you ACTUALLY believe. Our daily habits will include: gratitude, relational check-ins, daily objectives toward quarterly goals, affirmations, working-out, proper diet, water intake, journaling, reading, meditation, prioritization, and a few others I’ll save for our time together.

You want to know how I have created the leverage, success, and margin in my life to do exactly what I want, how I want, on my schedule? Daily habits that keep me focused, objective, and purposeful.

Your success is waiting on the other side of your habits.

Let’s create and implement.