The Next Level

A Powerful 90-Day Group Coaching Experience for Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs

It's time to take control and create momentum. You get to define what's possible for you, and we're going to make damn sure you stick to your word. It's time to get to work. It's time to create the life you were destined to live. 

One of the greatest moves I made in my life, and in the launch of my coaching business, was aligning with the RIGHT people.

So you have a vision. I get it. We established that over dinner.... But there is SOMETHING lacking...

Maybe it's confidence.

Maybe it's clarity.

Maybe it's accountability.

Maybe it's habits.

Maybe it's structure and strategy.

Whatever you're missing, this opportunity exists to fill in the gaps with powerful coaching, accountability, tools, and community to launch you into a deeper realm of possibility and momentum within your life and business.

So what will this community look like? We will look out for one anothers best interests, provide unmatched feedback and constructive criticism, as well as praise, affirmation, and accountability. We are ALL responsible to move our endeavors forward. There will be powerful weekly calls focused around strategic goal-setting to ensure EVERYONE is on the same page (relatively) and moving forward with CLARITY, POWER, and AUTHENTICITY. This is not a hand-holding experience. But you know that by now, as you know how I roll.

This will not be "easy." This is not a place for excuses.

This is a safe place to overcome every limiting belief you currently hold while harnessing your POWER to implement strategy and value in your business and life to scale the f*ck out of all of it. We are creating MASSIVE ENERGY, MOMENTUM, and STRATEGY for YOU, YOUR CLIENTS, and YOUR LIFE... You can't play small. We're here to win.

Interested? Of course you are.


What to Expect

Powerful Daily Habits


Weekly Video Calls

Reading Assignments and Resources

Leadership and Duplication Strategy

Strategic Business Planning

Intentional Goal Setting

Dedicated Facebook Group


Nothing Changes,
If Nothing Changes.

Over two years, everything in my life changed... From a divorce to burying multiple family members and friends, intense tragedy seemed to follow me. After being in public ministry and developmental team leadership for 12 years, speaking and leading tens of thousands of people in becoming more authentically themselves, I stepped out of a role that no longer served me with NO safety net and dove head first into my true calling of serving at my highest capacity.

Maybe you're putting all the cards on the table, no safety net. I get it. It's some scary shit. But there is something that happens when we step into our power to serve others.... There is something that happens when we take the focus OFF of money and ON to serving at our highest capacity...

Success happens. Money happens, although we realize that's just a biproduct of value and we've been holding it too tightly. Joy happens. Transformation happens. We step into our passions, purpose, and power.

Business development takes time, as does developing the mindset, skillsets, and strategies to implement at your highest level. I am ALWAYS going to be learning, investing, and expanding to continue serving at my highest capacity... as will you. This is who you are, after all.

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs define their niche, find their voice and confidence, create new streams of income through developing powerful products, services, and offers..... and add multiple 5, sometimes 6-figures of income to their lives. I love your organization and I created this opportunity as a result of listening to you over dinner and hearing the common frustrations of your heart and business.

I created this opportunity for you, because it didn't exist for me. I want to surround you with other like-minded people in a strategic think-tank of creativity, strategy, and implementation.

So you want in. I would too. This has the power to change EVERYTHING you thought possible. 

Who are you? 
Why do you exist?
Who do you serve?

This is an extremely exclusive opportunity limited to 10 high-level ACTION TAKERS READY TO SHOW UP AND CREATE THE LIFE THEY WERE MADE FOR....

Are you one of the 10?

It's not about having all the people, it's about strategically positioning people in a common place to move forward in powerful ways. We are in this to create life-changers, earners, and industry disruptors. If you are not ready to take your self and your business to the NEXT level, this is not for you.

A Few of the Topics We Will Cover

-Defining Niches and Attraction Marketing

-Finding YOUR Voice

-Copy that Sells Without Selling

-Branding Consistently

-Avoiding the White Noise of Social Media

-Developing a Strategy for Client Acquisition and Conversion

-Overdelivering Value (The importance of the value proposition)

-When to Hire OUT and How to Scale through Automation

-Closing Sales Powerfully

-Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

-Strategy for Duplication

-So Much More.... Between the Live Calls and Strategy Calls, not to mention the Closed Group, we will cover EVERY detail we need to.


The investment with me in 2018, 1:1, is $8,000 for 90 Days, and I am not accepting new 1:1 Clients at this time, as my 1:1 Schedule is maxed out.

BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING MASSIVE ACTION RIGHT NOW.... your investment is ONLY $1,497, which includes a BONUS 30-60 Minute 1:1 Strategy Session. You will not find another Coaching Opportunity of this caliber, value, and intentionality at a price point anywhere close to this. I made this incredibly easy for you to SAY YES. The time to invest in yourself, your future, and your calling is now.

At $1,497, this is a no brainer... If you take yourself, your clients, and your business seriously... This is EXACTLY what you need. This WILL sell out quickly at this price point. Do NOT sit on this if you think it's for you.... Chances are, it is.