So, if your kids are ANYTHING like ours, there is a CONSTANT WANT for the next new thing. 

Whether it's Barbies, Shopkins, Magnets, a PHONE, a train, new clothes...... we live in a culture that bombards our children with the notion that there is LACK in their lives unless they have MORE. 

Social media and commercial-driven television, complete with product placement, has created a new, overwhelming plague of consumerism. Couple that with social media changing the very landscape of personal identity, value, interaction, and community... it's no wonder our kids WANT and WANT and WANT.... 

But WHY do they want more?

Outside of "kids being kids," Kala and I have noticed with our own children that what they value MOST is INTENTIONAL TIME and ATTENTION. Our kids only want more "stuff" because there is a hole in their identity trying to be filled. You've heard it said, "comparison kills contentment." So, we do our best to celebrate each individual child, helping them to see their own uniqueness and awesomeness. 

Having a child with special needs, as well as another child 50% of the time, it can leave all 3 fighting for attention and asking about "favorites." So we created this book. We give it to our kids every couple months and they get to decide when and how they use them. We don't ask questions and we never say "no" to this. Why? Because our kids are telling us what they NEED, not simply what they WANT. 

This intentional, separate time with each child has been such a monumental shift for us, in terms of each child's happiness and contentment. Each of our kiddos feels loved, valued, celebrated, and like their getting attention and affirmation (which they are.)

So we wanted to pass this on to you. Our hope is that it fills your home with joy, laughter, celebration, contentment, confidence, intimacy, and bridges the emotional and parental gaps of "need" versus "want."